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Dec. 9th Toys and Trains

December 9, 2023

Elliott Auctions LLC
December 9th Elliott Auctions will be having our last Toy Train and Train Parts Auction
at 10:00am Eastern Daylight Time (Indianapolis, IN).
This auction should finish our HO and O gauge parts lots of Lionel, American Flyer, Marx, Athearn, Atlas, Tyco, Rivarossi, New City and more. Many more manufactures and some S, a few N and Standard gauge items just like the past auctions.
This auction will have parts lots, that will be like the ones in the previous auctions. There will be numerous lots of parts and components of all gauges, all manufacturers, and all eras.
Passenger, freight, diesel, electric, steam, trolley, stations, transformers, lamps, tenders, shells, frames, rolling stock, couplers, truck assemblies, detailing parts, decals sheets, stripping, wheel sets, smoke units, if it has to do with trains and it had multiple parts, it’s probably been in one of our recent auctions, or it’s in this one…
Some parts will be NOS, some will be new aftermarket, and many will be used original parts.
This being the last of the parts there will be a lot of surprise items we have been moving to the side to concentrate on trains that will have to sell in this sale.
Paints, modeling materials, nuts, bolts, screws, wiring, Dremel equipment,etc.
This auction will again be of great interest to anyone doing any type of repair or restoration work. Collectors looking for rare and hard to find parts just might find them in one of these lots.
This will be your last chance to purchase parts lots in bulk like this for a long time to come.
We will be adding photos to the various listings as we get closer to the auction.
Elliott Auctions LLC
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